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Kerrilyn Collins

September 13, 2018

The walkways are packed, parking is tight, and the Chick-Fil-A line is out-the-door. School is officially back in session! With the beginning of the semester comes new students, new classes, and new opportunities. I love the excitement as people try to find where they belong, what activities and clubs to get involved in.

As a new student, I didn’t understand what it meant to get involved with your major. I didn’t realize not only the importance of it, but also the excitement! No matter your major, it’s important to get involved outside the classroom. So, how do you get involved and what may that look like for students interested in public relations?

Look into involvement opportunities within your major

I’ll be honest, no matter how much you love what you’re studying, you’re always going to have those boring classes and things that you don’t care about learning. The great thing about clubs and activities outside the classroom is that it gives you real world experience and the opportunity to be more hands on.

What does that look like for PR students? 

As a PR student, getting involved in PRSSA is crucial to your professional development as a student! Before getting involved, I didn’t realize how much PRSSA matters and all the opportunities that comes along with being a member. As a member of the chapter, you are exposed to PR professionals and opportunities like regional conferences, internships, and scholarships that you would otherwise not have access to!

What if I’m not a Public Relations major?

Many people think that in order to be in PRSSA, you have to be a PR major. That is NOT true! If you’re reading this and you’re not a PR major, I encourage you to join! As a professional development group PRSSA teaches you professional skills that will further you in your career outside of college!

Why did I join PRSSA?

As a high school student I was super involved, so coming to college was a big transition for me. As a freshman, I wasn’t quite sure about my major and definitely did not know how to get involved with it. It wasn’t until the end of freshman year that I signed up to be in PRSSA and actually be a board member. I love PRSSA and the opportunities it’s given me. I’ve traveled, met some very influential people, and been able to put together work that I can show future employers. The professional qualities I’ve developed and the connections I’ve made are going to push me further in my career. I think it’s so important to take advantage of what you’re learning. Going beyond the classroom is what makes college worth while. I definitely encourage you all to do- PR major or not!

How do I get involved?

It’s simple! This next week is our first ever PR Week! During the week there will be many chances to not only learn more about PRSSA but also sign up! On Monday the 17th, there will be an Info booth in Stamps courtyard! Come stop by and say hi, sign up for PRSSA, grab some free swag!

For more information on PRSSA, please visit our Instagram!



Nadia Nawabi
January 24, 2016

Its Sunday night, I am watching TV and a weather report interrupts my show. At that moment I realized I forgot I had a Geoscience paper due in 30 minutes. Do you ever find yourself in a messy situation where you simply cant get your work or school life together? You’re forgetting to turn in assignments and suddenly your grade is sinking to an unfortunate number. Ever had a meeting with a professor or job that your completely forgot about and did not attend? This seems to be a commonality among most college students and new time employees.

I for one have very well experienced many mornings like these. Once I wake up to start my day, I feel lost. Why cant I find my belongings or remember my daily tasks to fulfill? One answer, I was completely and utterly disorganized.

Just like many college students, my schedule is always on the go. With school assignments, classes, work, meetings, and other activities, there is no doubt in my mind that I will forget to complete at least one item on my to do list without being properly organized. Organization has become more prominent to me as I further my studies and experience in public relations.

Public relations involves event planning, communication, and managing information. The best way I have discovered for managing these public relations requirements is through the use of an agenda. Writing every possible detail in my planner has helped me stay organized with my assignment deadlines and events to attend. Using mini post-its and colored pens are also very helpful when writing tasks in your daily planner because the brain remembers color.

I found that using this method of organization has not only helped me to become a better student but has also helped me in my future professional career in PR. I want to strive to be the best PR that I can be and that starts with organization.

Finding an Internship

We all know that you need some level of work experience whether it be volunteer work, babysitting or your first internship to get a job.  As college students we are faced with the burning question of how do we get a job to gain experience, in order to get a job? Sounds confusing, huh? Well it is! As a senior graduating from college in 2 ½ months I am faced with a rapidly approaching deadline of finding a job before I graduate.  I know that it is not a societal requirement to have it all figured out before graduation but it is a personal requirement to beat the odds and become employed before I graduate from college.

I’m no expert in finding employment but these are some of the things that helped me find internships to gain experience to add to my resume.

Look, Look and Look again!:

Alot of times when you are searching for internships online you com up short due to the fact that it may not be in an industry that you are interested in or a city that you want to work in and that may discourage you from continuing your search. don’t give up and add internship searching into your daily schedule whether you can carve out 10 minutes or 1 hours make the time because it makes a big difference. if you are constantly checking the job boards you are more likely to see new postings sooner giving you more time to write a decent application.

I can’t find an internship, what now?:

During my second semester of my freshman year, my friends were talking about applying for internships. In my freshman year, I remember thinking to myself aren’t we supposed to apply for internships during our junior year of college because employers want more mature students. I later learned that this was wrong as my friends one after the other were receiving summer employment opportunities. As with any normal college student FOMO ( the fear of missing out) is real when it came to me not having an internship and by time I got in the swing of looking for them the deadlines for the application had passed. I was left with no internship after that summer. I started to think to myself why don’t you make your own internship. I already had a summer job at the local recreation center in my city so I went to the main office and spoke with the person incharge of marketing and explained that I am a public relations student and that I would like an opportunity to learn what it is like to do marketing and PR in a professional setting. After she reviewed my resume she decided to take a chance on me and I am currently the marketing intern at this establishment. The moral of this story is If you can’t find something, take initiative and make it yourself.

You got the internship, now what?:

Congratulations! you are now an intern at an organization and you are set to start working there with in the next few days, weeks or months. I remember after receiving my first internship after my freshman year i questioned myself all the way up to the end of the summer on if I did everything correctly or if they would want to hire me again for the next summer. My tip to you is don’t second guess yourself, other people applied to the same positions as you and the person in charge of hiring saw potential in you and that is why you received the internship. Use the opportunity that you were given to network with people and stay gracious no matter how much praise you get. One thing that I did just to say thank you are stay in touch with everyone is to give christmas cards out during my holiday break. Going the extra mile really shows that you care.

Another thing that helps when working at an internship is showing your personality and putting your best foot forward, I’ve noticed that even when I mess up, I am honest with them and myself as well understanding what went wrong. I make a game plan to change it without being unruly and rude. I’ve learned that someone is always watching and when you show up and show out event when nobody’s around it goes far.

Like I said earlier I am not a professional in finding internships but these are a few of the things that I have done to find and maintain my internships throughout my college experience.


Khelsey Pellum


~ Welcome to a new year ~

It is the beginning of a new school year, time to say goodbye to summer fun and buckle down and get back to the grind of college. We arrive on campus ready to move in and prepare for the first day of class, and then reconnect and catch up on events with friends that we haven’t seen over the summer or if you’re a new student to CBU you are getting used to your new surroundings. But as the new school year excitement starts to wind down, we are left with the thoughts of what our hopes and dreams for the year are. Do we want to fall victim to our old habits of previous years or do we power through and make something of the upcoming months. For those interested in public relations, communications, and related field, Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) is a great and meaningful way to make something of your time at CBU this year.

PRSSA Offers a variety of ways for students to advance in their careers through educational, networking and personal growth. As members, you have access to priority internship and job boards and opportunities to write for the PRSSA national publications and a chance to meet and learn from PR professionals and gain insight to what working in PR is all about.

As President, I would like to welcome you on behalf of the entire executive board to a new school year and to CBU PRSSA. I hope to see you at meetings and events this school year. Have a blessed year and I hope that PRSSA can inspire you to do great things this year.


Khelsey Pellum


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