Executive Board



Welcome to the Executive Board for Calbaptist’s PRSSA chapter! Read their bio below and give them some love!


Kerrilyn Collins- President  

Meet Kerrilyn, our president! She is a Junior studying Public Relations with an emphasis on Strategic Communication and Planning! She loves fashion and travel and hopes to do PR in one of those fields after college. A fun fact about Kerrilyn is that she is from Portland, Oregon!





Ally Creed – Vice President

Meet Ally! She is a Junior studying PR with a minor in business. She loves fashion and hopes to pursue a career as either fashion buyer or PR for sustainability as a fashion company. She also loves dogs, the Bachelor, and traveling!





Audrey Stoddard- Secretary 




Chase Kelly– Director of Events



Trisha Smith- Creative Director

Trisha Smith is a Senior public relations major with a concentration in integrated marketing communications and a minor in marketing. After college, she hopes to work for a private public relations her firm and further her education by eventually attending law school. A fun fact about Trisha is that she grew up raising farm animals.

prssa social media trisha



Enhance your Education

Broaden your Network

Launch your Career 

Use a Christian Perspective 

Seek New Members


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