Speaker Panel: November 17

This month’s speaker series was different than usual. On November 17, the speaker series consisted of not only one, but four speakers. The four public relation specialist,Tiffany Sarpy, Lauren Rios, Jonathan Yost, and Justin Lawler, spoke on behalf of social media and social branding.

To being with they all gave advise on their theory of how to properly use social media for social branding. Lawler advises to be a “professional creeper” when using social media towards the company you want to work for. He encourages future PR employers to go beyond information about the company they provide on the about page because it will mean so much more when you know more about them.

“Essentially, they are thinking how much do I need to train you?”, Lawler says.

On the same page, Lauren Rios explains in order for your brand to more forward, you have to be relevant. That is the way for your company or product to move through social media because people can relate.

“Understand your audience, so they can understand you”, Rios says.

Jonathan Yost points out that social media is getting shorter and faster. The four speakers also agree that you can easily turn off people about your company just by not effectively conveying your company.

“You’re your own brand at the end of the day, standing out is key because theres a million people out there who want these jobs”, Rios says.

All four speakers gave expertise advice in their area of field, we thank them for their time and appreciate their words of wisdom.

  • Nadia Nwabi, Historian

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