Speaker Series: Mary Ann Pearson October 27

Dr. Mary Ann Pearson the Associate Professor of Public Relations and Chair, Arts & Sciences, and director of M.A in Public Relations and M.A in Communication, advised many students on post graduation steps.

Dr. Pearson introduced her seven steps to take in the Public relations world after graduating. Her seven steps included RPIE, internships, personal branding, getting published, considering a Masters degree or accreditation, Networking, and how to apply.

To explain on some of her steps, her first step RPIE stands for, research, planning, implementation, and evaluation. Pearson encourages students interested in this field to research the areas you think you may want to work in to find your passion.

“If you really love what your doing, its no longer work”, Dr. Pearson said.

In her other steps, she clarifies the importance of obtaining an internship nowadays because it shows future employers your experience.  This step ties along with step four, getting published. Getting published is a way for future employers to also see your experience and work.

Her last step is to apply, interview, and land the job. Doing this you will need a resume, letters of recommendation, wear professional attire to interviews with a notepad and pen, and also show enthusiasm and passion in your work.

We wish all the best to Dr. Mary Ann Pearson and thank her for advise for post graduation.

Nadia Nwabi, Historian


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