Welcome to Fall 2014 with CBU PRSSA

It is the beginning of the fall semester– a time to say goodbye to summer, say hello to fellow classmates, and decide how to spend one’s time over the next four months. In college, there is a vast array of options for those who wish to make every moment count. Most universities offer involvement in recreational sports, part-time jobs, social events, student leadership, and much more. Many students, when coming to college, seek out club membership as a way to become involved and prepare for future careers. At CBU, an individual may visit the Club Fair, speak with various club presidents, and perhaps even sign up for membership. After visiting some clubs, though, one may begin to notice that each meeting seems to be nothing more than social interaction and time which could be better spent by completing homework. It is not so with CBU’s PRSSA. Those who participate in PRSSA gain valuable knowledge, meet professionals in the fields of public relations, marketing, and communications, and gain unique access to a wealth of resources.
“In college, there is a vast array of options for those
who wish to make every moment count.”
There are many benefits to being involved in the CBU chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America. Because it is a national organization, PRSSA offers opportunities to come in contact with a wide variety of individuals who have had years of experience in their fields. Members of student chapters receive career advice, hear helpful tips about resumes, interviews, and cover letters, and broaden their networks. Those are just a few of the many benefits. The CBU chapter is celebrating its fifth year of involvement on campus and is having its membership drive from the twenty-third to the twenty-fifth of September. Those who visit the booth and sign up for membership will be invited to attend the PRSSA member dinner on September 30th. The goal of this event is to foster community, encourage relationship-building, and celebrate the beginning of a new school year. Over these next two semesters, we at PRSSA plan to offer many events and opportunities for growth and leadership. Above all, it our goal to increase the impact of each student as you continue your college experience and embark upon your next adventure: The workplace. We hope you will join us this school year– it will be worth it!
Kelsey Lamb | Membership Director  Kelsey

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